Ground Engaging Tool (GET)

  • Ground Engaging Tools (GET) is directly combating with diverse ground conditions, as they penetrate tough soil density for your application to support performance and productivity while loading and excavating directly affected by the bucket and its components.
  • Ground Engaging Tools (GET) are a crucial element in successful excavating and earthmoving. They are also one of the most expensive. Whether you are digging, loading, pushing or ripping, Komatsu offers a range of cost-effective solutions for all types of applications, from the smallest utility machine to the largest mining equipment.
  • Suitable for both Komatsu and other products, our ground engaging tools are designed for excavators, loaders, dozers and graders and include teeth, bolt-on edges, end bits and ripper boots.
  • We are also the exclusive supplier of industry-leading KVX and Hensley systems, enabling operators to select the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for their application.