8th Annual service conference


The 8th Annual Service Conference was an exciting event that brought together leaders from Komatsu India and Larsen & Toubro, along with their respective service teams on 9th and 10th January, 2024 at ITC Hotels, Kences Palm Beach, Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu in a collaborative atmosphere. The conference commenced with an inspiring speech by senior leaders of Komatsu and L&T, setting the tone for the day ahead and highlighting the importance of service excellence to meet customer needs and ensure safe operations.


Mr. Toru Sunada, President, Service department Komatsu Ltd., Japan, participated the Service Conference and sharing his insights on new technological advancements in product support and believed, it has the potential to add immense value to KIPL service operation.

Presentations from KLTD/KIPL/L&T senior management added valuable perspectives on product support and services, sharing insights and experiences that enriched discussions and provided direction in adopting digital solutions in the current changing scenario of customer needs.

This engagement continued with a group activity led by service teams, promoting teamwork and problem-solving skills using QC tools. This interactive session enhanced participants' collaboration and show cased the dedication of service teams for continuous improvement by finding solutions for the field issues, also served as a platform for networking and knowledge exchange, fostering stronger connections within the service engineers.

In this annual service conference, Komatsu unveiled Machine Care Program (MCP-5), a Dantosu initiative in extended powertrain warranty—one of its kind, first in the industry, offering a comprehensive customer solution for 20-ton and 30-ton class excavators. The MCP-5 brochure was introduced to explore the key features and contents of this innovative program. Additionally, an advanced and state-of-the-art oil sample collection tool, utilizing vacuumized bottles, was revealed to enhance KOWA. Exclusive demonstrations of the KOWA sample collection tools were displayed during the service conference, marking the beginning of a new era in machinery maintenance with Machine Care Program.

An exciting mobile app was launched during the conference and this app elevates safety for operational practices, provides insights on maintenance enrichment, and gains predictive maintenance through condition analysis and monitoring services. New app helps in seamless management of the contract program KPI for enhanced efficiency and a revolutionary approach to service excellence.

The highlight of the conference was the award ceremony, where outstanding individuals and teams were recognized for their exceptional contributions to service excellence in areas like TSI lead time, Kaizen, Machine Care Program execution, predictive maintenance using Komatsu oil wear analysis, and troubleshooting machine problems. This recognition served as motivation for all the attendees, emphasizing the organization's commitment to acknowledging and celebrating outstanding achievements in after-sales service.commitment to acknowledging and celebrating outstanding achievements in after-sales service.

Mr. Arvind K. Garg Sr. Vice President and Head, L&T CMB was honoured with “Shogun Award” by Komatsu for his exemplary leadership and for playing a pivotal role to the introduction of Komatsu world class products and technologies to the Indian market.

This honour from Komatsu extends not only for the individual accomplishments but also for the positive impact towards his leadership that has on the construction equipment industry and wish him a continued success, many more firsts in the years to come.



The second day of the annual service conference started with a positive and uplifting tone of the day. A volunteer participatory cleaning the environment under “One World One Komatsu” was conducted as a part of the program and 30 No’s of volunteers from the service community collected the trash in the beach and engaged in the “clean drive initiative”.

To provide a practical dimension to the conference, participants divided into two batches and embarked both jobsite and a factory visit. Jobsite visits of the participants witnessed in firsthand the application of best practices and gained insights into the importance of FOWA (Fuel, Oil, Water and Air) in the maintenance aspects of service delivery.


The second batch of the participants visited KIPL manufacturing facility and gained knowledge about the HE and DT manufacturing process depicting world-class quality. The combination of theoretical knowledge from the presentations and practical exposure during visits created a comprehensive learning experience for the service engineers.

In conclusion, the 8th annual service conference was a resounding success, offering a comprehensive approach to service excellence. From leadership guidance to insights, team collaboration, recognition, and on-site visits, the event underscored the commitment to continuous improvement and the shared pursuit of delivering exceptional service.