Komatsu Oil and Wear Analysis at Nagpur, India inaugurated on 18-Aug-2021 by Komatsu India Private Limited. This state-of-the-art facility provides one the most technically advanced oil analysis program in the market.

KOWA Centreoffers conditional analysis services by testing oil, fuel, grease and provide guidance for machine health management to enhance lifecycle of the machine based on AI Artificial Intelligence (AI) based data analysis.

This KOWA facility further complements KIPL support to customers by delivering Dantotsu services quickly in meeting customer needs, lower the total cost of ownership of machines owned by Komatsu customers.

Since inception, over 10,000 KOWA samples were tested showcasing widespread acceptance and confidence of customers.

Benefits of KOWA

Today Indian construction equipment industry is one of the important sector for the economic growth of the nation, which aspires to become the world’s second largest by 2030. The ongoing boom in the equipment population creates major problems on performance of the machine, due to various failures that relates to engine oil and other fluids. With Komatsu Oil and Wear Analysis, the customer can make a difference and decisions regarding the operation and maintenance of their fleets by following benefits.

  • Results compared to Komatsu guidelines to eliminate assumption
  • Identify minor problems before they become major failures.
  • Helps to maximize asset reliability/availability
  • Reduce life-cycle costs by extending components life
  • Prioritize repairs based on machine health condition
  • Better informed reselling and purchasing decisions.