Komatsu Under carriage

Komatsu have different types of undercarriages of hydraulic excavators and bull dozers in addition to the standard type. Komatsu customers have various choices to select the suitable specification of undercarriages on their applications and requirements.

  • Heavy duty type undercarriage
  • Gentle construction undercarriage
  • Easy replacement system

Heavy duty type Under carriage

Heavy duty undercarriages are very effective for hard application because of excellent wear and impact resistance. It is made possible by suitable material, heat treatment, and unique design, etc.,

General construction Undercarriage

In the general construction section, the main concern about parts including undercarriage parts is the cost. Therefore, we prepared General construction Undercarriage for such customers. The price of these undercarriages is cheaper than other special specification undercarriage, but it has the suitable performance for light load work in the general construction.

Easy replacement system

Replacement work for undercarriage is very hard, especially for large size machines. It has the risk from hammering work and pressing work by hydraulic press when removing the Master-pin. In the case of Komatsu, easy replacement undercarriage system offers the mechanic to remove and install the master pin without such hard work and reduces downtime.

Development of undercarriage is mainly done by our dedicated design team in Komatsu mother plant at Japan and others. Komatsu as extensive knowledge and vast experience on undercarriage designing cum manufacturing and we are the market leaders of construction and mining machineries. Komatsu in India imports the undercarriages from various Komatsu group companies from other regions to maintain the global standards and quality.