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Together, to “The Next” for sustainable growth

Creating value together

Contribution to Education

Komatsu respects and motivates education development by promoting and supporting the educational institutions by collaborating with NGO’s at major locations (Chennai, Bangalore, Nagpur, Kolkata and Pune). It also strongly believes in developing the community between the young generation and industry, which is an essential activity in today’s employment market. The company gives continuous skill development training programs, tutoring and mentoring programs to the students, and also contributes heavily to the educational institutions to improve their infrastructure facilities to provide better and quality education. By enhancing students skills through various training programs, Komatsu also delivers employment opportunities for the young talents through CSR activity.

Contribution to Environment

CSR initiatives delivered through Komatsu India’s manufacturing and business activities, strive to reduce the environmental impact and preserve the global environment using advanced technologies and innovations. The company views climate change as an important management issue, and targets to incorporate into its business strategies. Our team at various branches continuously engaged in tree plantation at major locations in India jointly with other partners and institutions to create significant different in lifestyle of the people and planet.

Contribution to Social demands

Year 2021 was an important and remarkable year for Komatsu marking our 100th anniversary, also a year in which the company’s business environment is changing incessantly. To the next stage for the workplace of the future and ensuring a sustainable future for the next generation, Komatsu India always thrives to engage in community development initiatives under the CSR activities to bring transformation in the societal developments through its branches in various parts of India through identifying the needy people who require better quality of life by improving their healthcare, addressing malnutrition and hunger. Over the years, Komatsu India has responded to society’s changing needs in alignment with CSR activities.

Covid- 19 Contribution to Government