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KOWA (Komatsu Oil and Wear Analysis)

KOWA (Komatsu Oil and Wear Analysis) is a system for measuring the density of metal wear particles in used oil. These particles are formed as a consequence of constant rubbing between metallic surfaces in contact.

One of the methods for such analysis is PO (Particle Quantity) index, it is the index for measuring amount of metal particles contained in oil.

These results are then used to judge the wear condition of the parts/components lubricated by the oil (including the level of corrosion).

KUC (Komatsu Undercarriage Inspection)

Komatsu trained engineers carry out detailed inspection using specialized tools, analyze the output reports and provide optimum recommendation.

The specifically designed program creates detailed, manifest reports based on the wear criteria, which serves as optimum recommendation.

komatsu India strucuture of an under carriage

During this inspection we collect the following measurements...

  • Wear of Idler Tread.
  • Link Weight.
  • Outer Bushing Diameter.
  • Grouser Height.
  • Carrier Roller Tread.
  • Track Roller Tread.
  • Link Pitch, ETC.
komatsu India inspection & measurements for machine

Preventive Maintenance Activities

This activity is the overall inspection of the important machine parameters which will help in generating highly useful analytical reports which will intern provide the customer with a clear picture of their machine health. Komatsu advice the customer in case any maintenance activity is required.

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