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In our endeavor to deliver high “Quality”; we at Komatsu Product Support - Spare parts division supply “Komatsu Genuine Parts” as a precise fit to your equipment to fulfill your support till complete Product Life Cycle Management.

Komatsu Genuine Parts are built in with Komatsu Engineering Standards (KES), manufactured in-house with Komatsu Technology and also under license with selected suppliers meeting desired specification to ensure durability for reliability conformed to less environmental impact.

“Komatsu Genuine Parts” built in its uniqueness aligning our Quality Revolution – “Quality you can rely on”; continue our heritage by partnering with Customer’s with post machine sales to render complete “Product Support” solutions with a competitive edge to attribute lowest cost per ton at challenging job site operating conditions.


Genuine Komatsu Filters features to accomplish oil contamination removal capacity with extended life proven to tolerate severe job site operating conditions. Komatsu design with higher filter efficiency and capacity to arrest tiny wear particles to prevent engine hazard.

Undercarriage (UC)

Komatsu genuine Undercarriage (UC) is the best fit for crawler type excavators and dozers. It plays a significant role in equipment stability in challenging application techniques. A substantial value of undercarriage cost attributes owning and operating costs.
Therefore, it is vital to invest in genuine undercarriage to perceive value of your investment.

Ground Engaging Tools (GET)

Ground Engaging Tools (GET) is directly combating with diverse ground conditions, as they penetrate tough soil density for your application to support performance and productivity while loading and excavating directly affected by the bucket and its components.

Repair Kits

Engine Repair Kits are customized to foresight economical means to carry out conditional monitoring by replacing parts in faster and safer way.


An extensive range of genuine hydraulic hoses are the best means to maintain reliability, by minimizing downtime, and maximizing profitability and to increase the operator’s safety


Genuine functional component of equipment such as engine, transmission, final drive, hydraulic pump with timely condition monitoring, contamination, schedule overhauling can prevent fuel and oil consumption to attribute owning and operating cost by increasing component life.

Maintenance Parts

Maintenance parts kits are key means to reduces repair and operating cost during seasonal downtime, scheduled overhauls will surely attribute machine optimum performance with residual value by carrying out timely Preventive Maintenance practices.


Komatsu Genuine Oils are formulated as per Komatsu Engineering Specification (KES) to extend component life and reduce fuel emissions to meet strict emission norms globally.
Genuine lubricants are primarily developed to suit modern technology engines to meet essential engine durability.


Identify Komatsu Genuine Parts

Look for Komatsu Genuine Parts Identification Label to safeguard from counterfeit parts.