Komatsu Consumables

We offer a range of genuine Komatsu consumables that have been manufactured or formulated to ensure that your Komatsu equipment always performs at its best, whether you are talking about safety, productivity or reliability. Genuine Komatsu consumables include filters, hoses, oils, lubricants and coolants.


  • Designed to meet the highest factory specifications, Komatsu filtration solutions cover fuel, air, oil and hydraulic filters. Contrary to popular belief, they cost you less as their superior micron ratings and higher quality materials allow you to safely extend intervals between filter changes.
  • Our filtration solutions are designed to screen out harmful particles and provide vital protection for valuable high-precision components. Manufactured for both Komatsu and other equipment, our filters are produced using specified grades and sizes of micron material to ensure effective filtering between scheduled maintenance intervals.
  • Using our genuine Komatsu filters and fluids has proven to be the best way to protect your investment from poor performance and to ensure your machine is working according to the original factory specifications.
  • Genuine Komatsu Filters features to accomplish oil contamination removal capacity with extended life proven to tolerate severe job site operating conditions. Komatsu design with higher filter efficiency and capacity to arrest tiny wear particles to prevent engine hazard.
  • Genuine Filter Video


  • The hydraulic hose system on Komatsu equipment is a crucial element in the efficient and safe operation of your machine. Komatsu hoses are matched to machine performance and specification which is why it is important that you select the genuine article. A hose failure will not only result in unscheduled downtime but may have potentially fatal safety implications. A wide range of genuine Komatsu hoses are distributed via our branch.

  • There is big difference in quality between genuine Komatsu hydraulic hoses and those provided by third-party suppliers. We have more than 20,000 product numbers in our hydraulic hose database, with design engineers carefully selecting the right hose to meet machine performance and specification.
  • Genuine Komatsu hoses are manufactured with the even placement of rubber material and metal wire, ensuring hoses reach their design life with correct use and maintenance practices. Non-genuine hoses are prone to leaking or bursting, resulting in shorter life.
  • We recommend hydraulic hoses be replaced every two years or 4,000 hours, whichever comes soonest for safety critical parts.
  • Komatsu Genuine Hoses


  • Komatsu Seals and O-ring components are manufactured to meet the highest quality standards so that you can be confident you're getting the performance, reliability and durability you've come to expect from your Komatsu machine.
  • Leak proof seals and O-rings saves lubricant loss cost, increases component life and reduces machine down time.
  • Best sealing always results in Optimized Machine cleanliness and life.